How do we know our technology works?

Following further investment by Catapult, extensive development tests are now underway at the University of Manchester and the UK government’s Health and Safety Laboratory on live influenza viruses and face mask materials.  These materials are being developed by virustatic and a leading face mask material manufacturer with European market reach.

There are no other market competitors and no other market products that have the unique ability of virustatic to capture deadly viruses and prevent their continued circulation.  Our low cost technology will revolutionise the face mask industry and provide a platform for face masks to address the spread of Ebola, MERS and other deadly pathogens.

virustatic is also working on other practical products that can use the material for beneficial medical uses, including wound dressings, blood filters and synthetic skin for diabetics.

We have been working for nearly four years to develop our patented technology and we have gathered a group of academic and scientific experts to help us research and prove our concepts work.

Our initial testing identified under laboratory conditions that 99.99% of airborne flu viruses were captured by our patented design.

In tandem we have been working and with Dr Ian Rowles and Professor Sabine Flitsch to take our technology further in air flows, fluid and contact environments, who have validated our concepts.

In January 2017, the University of Manchester reported on the testing success and established the proof of concept for airflows. Work has recently been completed on identifying a range of materials best suited to our technology with the University of Manchester.

Testing is underway with live flu viruses at the UK government’s Health and Safety Laboratory (one of the world’s leading providers of workplace health and safety research). This will shortlist the best material treated with our technology, that can replicate the laboratory success, for use in face masks.

We have also entered a Memorandum of Understanding with Sterling Nonwoven, who currently export to 18 countries worldwide, on the production of the face mask material.

This is only the first strand of our developing work to find an alternative way of preventing the spread and killing of deadly viruses.

Catapult Ventures have agreed seed funding for our work to advance the use of our technology in the first product, face masks. We have a clear proven concept that has been endorsed scientifically and has a clear investment and route to market.

Our unique technology allows for a new concept in face masks.  The technology acts as a filter rather than a barrier to stop virus both being exhaled as well as inhaled and can be added to pre-existing pollution masks already on the market. Viruses are anchored to the technical fabrics stopping transfer.