About Us

Following further investment by Catapult, extensive development tests are now underway at the UoM and the UK government’s Health and Safety Laboratory on live influenza viruses and face mask materials.  These materials are being developed by virustatic and a leading face mask material manufacturer with European market reach.

There are no other market competitors and no other market products that have the unique ability of virustatic to capture deadly viruses and prevent their continued circulation.  Our low cost technology will revolutionise the face mask industry and provide a platform for face masks to address the spread of Ebola, MERS and orther deadly pathogens.

virustatic is also working on other practical products that can use the material for beneficial medical uses, these include wound dressings, blood filters, and synthetic skin for diabetics.

virustatic is a Manchester based group of like minded people motivated to address the urgent need to build infection prevention capabilities into products in response to the overuse of antibiotics.   We have drawn together a team of scientific partners and facilities to help us develop a technology to combat the growing ineffectiveness of antibiotics and prevent the spread of infections that have the potential to become fatal.

Over the last four years, virustatic has developed and patented scientifically proven technologies that can capture and kill pathogens in air flows, on surface contact and in fluid flows. The technology successfully binds naturally occurring glycoproteins to substrates and membranes to replicate how nature captures and eradicates viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Testing has been carried out at the University of Manchester, our lead research partner which has demonstrated a greater than 99.99% capture rate of live influenza viruses in air flows.

Potential Product Applications